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If you are a pet parent or a soul with irrevocable love for cute cats or rowdy pups, Petskeeda is your ultimate heaven. We are a vibrant online library crafted by pet aficionados. Whether you want to broaden your horizon about pet species or are looking for a pet parenthood guide, PetsKeeda has your back. 

Petskeeda was born out of the vision of pet lovers who aimed to create a virtual space where pet parents could find anything and everything they needed to foster their four-legged, feathery, or scaly kids. With our informative blogs, you won’t need to enroll in pet care programs. 

Explore the fascinating universe of pets with us. From comprehensive guides to pet stories, we’ll take you on a heartwarming and informative journey to pet parenthood. 

Welcome to your pet paradise – Welcome to Petskeeda!

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What is in PetsKeeda Sanctuary?

Discover the treasure trove of facts, myths, guides, and needs related to pets. We know what pets mean to pet parents and want to provide the best library of pet-centric content where every topic is a gem. 

Covering thousands of topics and essential guides, you and your beloved pals can uncover new realms of the pet world. 

Here’s a brief taste of topics we’ve delved into over the span of time.

This was only a trailer. We’ve got a whole lot to explore. So, Take a leisurely stroll and discover fascinating facts about your favorite species. Through the digital corridors of Petskeeda, you will surely gain insights on myriads of subjects that will keep you entertained for long durations.

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Meet Petskeeda Family

At Petskeeda, We believe each pet parent’s needs are unique. That’s the reason why our team comprises people who share a deep connection and love for the animals. We all have our fair share of experience in nurturing pets and, therefore, understand the joy and challenges of this parenthood journey. 

Whether you foster a cat, pup, parrot, squirrel, hedgehog, or beyond, the Petskeeda family is determined to enrich your life. More than half of our writers and contributors are seasoned pet care professionals. With their firsthand experience in dealing with all types of animals, they put forth a wealth of knowledge and insights into pet care, facts, behavior, breeds, and so much more. 

At Petskeeda, we don’t just inform but walk the walk. So, if you’re seeking training tips for your puppy, things to keep your cats entertained, or a guide for your parrots, trust Petskeeda to have your back. We pride ourselves on being a family of pet lovers and are dedicated to making the world a happier and more joyful place for pet owners just like you.

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Pet Facts

Unveil the Love!

If you have a pet, you must be aware of their high maintenance and the hard work that goes into their care. Some days, it feels stressful; others, it might overwhelm you with nerves. However, all exhaustion vapors into thin air when they snuggle close as soon as you step foot at home or cuddle you close during the late night brisk hours.

Caring for pets is a labor but one filled with love.

Petskeeda Team admires such precious moments dearly and wants to help you fill your days with contentment. We pour hearts into creating interesting content that you can resonate with and apply in your life. With our Pet Facts section, you can find some light-hearted blog pieces that’ll bubble up a warm feeling in your chest and stretch an endearing smile on your face. So, Let the fun roll!

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