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What makes a bulldog continental?

How can a dog breed be named Continental Bulldog? The name “continental” was given to this new bulldog breed, considered continental because it is part of the English Bulldog, one of its parent breeds.

The Continental Bulldog came to life after the Swiss breeder Imelda Angehrn cross-bred the English Bulldog with the Leavitt Bulldog. This means that this breed is half an English Bulldog and half a Leavitt Bulldog, which makes it unique and in demand. When combined, both breeds’ qualities would make a friendly, calm, and good-natured dog.


Bulldogs are also recognized for their long list of health problems, which have become heirs to this breed. Such health problems make it difficult for them to live a long and healthy life. This reduces bulldogs’ life spans to minuscule, which was the primary purpose of developing a new bulldog with better health and life span.

This started a search for a new breed that could fit all the columns and also had a chance to win at shows. After much research, the first Old English Bulldogge and English Bulldog crosses were born in 2001, and they were given the name “Continental Bulldog.”

Origin of Continental Bulldog

Recognized by the FCI

The continental bulldog was not officially recognized by the FCI till 2022.

In September 2024, the Swiss Kennel Club authorized the formation of the new breed labeled “Continental Bulldog.” At the club’s founding meeting, it was stated that all kinds of dogs would be named in the Swiss Studbook and qualified to participate in international and national shows in Switzerland. The club was founded in 2004, and the Swiss Kennel Club announced all the details about this breed in 2005.

It is not easy to be recognized by the international organization and to get recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), they had a special requirement: it required eight bloodlines, in which the last three generations may not have a single common ancestor. Angehrn and her other ambitious club members set about breeding volumes of dogs, and by 2017, they had eight bloodlines for a new breed in record time, and by that, they were according to protocol recognized by the FCI in 2022.

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Personality and Characteristics

The name “Continental Bulldog” sounds like an outgoing and extrovert dog, which is what it sounds like. Continental Bulldogs are said to be people who always seek human attention. This makes this bulldog a loveable and pet-able breed, which many prioritize. They also retain the courage initially bred into them for bull baiting, so they make fine watchdogs, a habit that will come in convenient one day.

They can adapt well to various living situations, which can help potential owners. It is a versatile companion dog. Conti Bulldog’s energy level is high-octane, which makes them enjoyable and devoted playmates for kids. They are well known to be affectionate, calm, good-natured, and warm-hearted. They can occasionally be a little independent and stubborn, but they are generally unchallenging to make happy. And, of course, those who can forget the loyalty level of dogs are the ones who love the owner and his family members.

It is a pleasant companion and, therefore, also suitable as a first pet dog. Interestingly, the Continental Bulldog is not just a family dog. It is also used as a companion dog or therapy dog.

Continental Bulldog’s temperament is Friendly, Quiet, and Cozy. This new bulldog breed is very attentive, self-confident, and shy, so you can have a best friend quickly.

Personality and Characteristics of Continental Bulldog

Is this breed a Rare Bulldog breed?

While this new bulldog may be in demand, that doesn’t mean it is easily accessible to everyone. Continental Bulldog Puppies are still relatively rare in the United States (U.S.).

Health and Care

This bulldog’s development aimed to make a healthier version of bulldogs, yet they still require much care from their owners. The breed is expected to have fewer health problems than its counterpart, English Bulldogs. It is essential to know if you want to buy a continental bulldog. 

Each dog is an individual, so they still have a slight chance of suffering from various health problems that are more common in giant or giant dog breeds.  They need to have sufficient exercise to prevent illness and obesity. They are agile dogs that love long walks in the woods, meadows, or fields. Sufficient exercise can help them be healthy.

Grooming tips

As they have short coats, their shedding level is very moderate, similar to that of their counterpart’s English bulldog, which does not require extensive grooming. If you want your dog’s coat to be healthy and shiny, brushing it will help. There are a variety of objects in the market to do so, but the most effective can be a standard dog brush or a grooming glove. That will decrease their shedding and improve their coat’s health.

Conti has wrinkles on the face, and cleaning the wrinkles with a dry or moderately damp cloth is essential. It is also essential to clean the ears occasionally to prevent ear infections. Although many owners don’t care about dental care, brushing the dog’s teeth reduces the risk of tooth and gum problems.

With regular brushing, the claws should also be trimmed regularly if they do not wear off by themselves. Your little pet bulldog will also love any massages you’ll give them. Grooming sessions will also boost and promote the bond between the dog and his owner. All of these things will result in positive behavior from your pet.

Grooming tips for Continental Bulldog


Similar to every other breed, some features differ slightly in male and female Conti bulldogs.

A Continental Bulldog has a short, smooth, fine-looking coat that is shiny in a healthy bulldog. The top coat of this animal is short but dense, and the undercoat has lovely hair. Sometimes, you can notice that the undercoat is nowhere to be found. Their coat colors are accompanied by black noses, either solid, lined, or combined with white. This breed has a variety of colors, such as Fawn, Brindle, White, and Black. A Conti has a black mask coat pattern.

Do English Bulldogs get along with other dogs?

Some might think bulldogs are dangerous based on their sound and appearance, but as the world progresses, many have discovered that this breed is very friendly. They get along with family pets and enjoy their company, although they might be aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs.

Specifically, people have noticed English bulldogs are suited for breeds like Doberman, Boxer, or Labrador, encouraging them to be active rather than curling up on the couch all day. The continental bulldog has this habit, the same as its counterpart, and loves to play with other domestic dogs.

Do English Bulldogs get along with other dogs

Continental Bulldog Puppies

Giving birth is rare for these dogs, as their health is always a priority. That is why continental bulldog puppies are not born very often. To keep females healthy, the maximum birth count is three. Many breeders only want their female dog to give birth to three puppies, and to make this possible, many breeders also prefer to go to Switzerland because they know there is hardly a more suitable place for them to give birth and be healthy. A female Conti only continues to give birth if she’s vital and healthy after the first birth and if the first puppy is entirely healthy.

Continental Bulldogs Price

Swiss prices may differ from country to country, but this breed may cost around CHF 2800.00 from a certified breeder in Switzerland. In the USA, an American bulldog ranges from 1200 to 1500 dollars, and an English bulldog ranges from 1500 to 2000 dollars. 

If you are curious to know the total spend on this dog if you adopt one, then be ready to spend 15000-18000 dollars on your new friend in his lifetime, including only all the essentials they might require in life sooner or later or daily like food, grooming, and medicals.