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Skip tea and coffee; the real question is: Are English vs American golden retrievers the same? Let’s clarify this confusion! Let’s say this is your first time studying American and English retrievers. If so, it’s important to understand that three different types of golden retrievers have evolved as a result of the differences in their traits, the most well-known of which are English vs American golden retrievers.

The majority of English golden retrievers are plump, attractively colored blonde dogs.  Usually seen in the UK and the USA, these medium-sized dogs have fluffy, lighter, creamier coats. However, American golden retrievers have golden coats and are taller and leaner. Their coat colors sometimes vary from pale honey to vivid crimson.

English and American Golden Retriever

In this article, you will discover how English vs American golden retrievers pile up against each other, their likeness, and their differences.

Historical Aspects of English Golden Retrievers:

With its glossy coat and kind disposition, the magnificent English Golden Retriever has a proud Scottish Highlands heritage. 

  • During the 1860s, Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, who would eventually become Lord Tweedmouth, had a notion of the perfect retriever: one that was quick, adaptable, and able to tackle the difficult terrain of Scotland.
  • A significant event occurred in 1868 when “Cowslip,” “Crocus,” and “Primrose,” who are regarded as the breed’s original foundation stock, gave birth to a litter.
  • Their sweet disposition and intellect drew the attention of dog enthusiasts by the early 1900s. In 1908, Golden Retrievers made their debut in orientation shows.
  •  In 1920, the Kennel Club Friends of Guisachan first identified the species as a “Golden Retriever”, but the Golden Retriever Club was founded in England in 1911.

English Golden Retrievers 

When discussing English golden retrievers, it is important to understand that they are not a different species from the golden retriever. They are commonly bred in Europe and the United States, with some traits that are both comparable and distinct from their American counterparts.


While designating essential features for golden retriever breeds, Scottish retrievers have carved out a niche within the breed, which is distinguished by small differences in look and behavior. English golden retrievers are creamy white dogs with hints of blond hair. Their heads and chests are wider, and their bodies are fatter. These well-known breeders charge a premium price for their attractiveness and amiability.

English Golden Retriever

Other names of English golden retrievers

 Here are similar names of English golden retrievers

  •      White golden retrievers
  •      Rare white European golden retrievers
  •      British golden retrievers
  •      European golden retrievers  
  •      English cream golden retrievers

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Historical Aspects of American Golden Retrievers

It should be made clear that American Golden Retrievers are not historically distinct from their British breeds. Despite the breed’s early travels to America, Lord Tweedmouth’s careful breeding efforts in the 19th century have left the breed’s roots firmly rooted in Scotland. The shared origin tale is broken down as follows: 

  • America experienced a wave of golden retrievers in the 1900s.
  • Not a distinct American branch, but British-bred dogs were probably the source of the early imports.
  • Breeders started showing and marketing the breed, which became well-known for its adaptability and sobriety.

American Golden Retrievers;

The most popular breed in the country, American Golden Retrievers, are known for their endless energy and high level of activity. They are taller, more athletic, and more slender golden retrievers. Their strong energy level needs constant exercise.

American Golden Retriever

Therapy Dogs: 

Aside from being friendly dogs, they excel in a variety of valuable fields. They are frequently called therapy dogs and natural retrievers. Because they use their intelligence and empathy to help animals.

Whether you imagine them surrounded by flowery pastures or snuggled up quietly by your fireside, American retriever dog personify the spirit of endless summer, leaving paw impressions of devotion and joy on every heart they confront.

Similarities between American and European golden retriever

Family friend: 

Exploring the similar traits that make English and American retrievers both sides of the same golden coin. These retrievers are wonderful family pets and friends since they exude affection, love, and fondness. These puppies form intensely loyal relationships with humans and have a friendly demeanor. Their empathy and tolerance are highly recognized, especially when it comes to family and kids.


They embody the spirit of sport due to their high energy levels. They enjoy engaging in games and experiencing adventures. They need to exercise daily to keep their vitality and health.

Easily Adjustable: 

Whether they are American or British retrievers, they are both highly adaptable but only need love and exercise to fit into any lifestyle.

Golden Cousins:  

Because of their similarity, English and American retrievers are called “golden cousins” and are well-known for their unwavering friendship worldwide. Since they are both descended from identical working breeds of Scotland

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Differences between English Golden Retrievers and American Golden Retrievers:


From sweeping English meadows to radiant American coastlines, golden retrievers have captivated hearts. But are you aware that these are two different breeds? English retriever puppies are known for being stockier and shorter with straight toplines, but American retriever dogs have taller and leaner body forms with sloppy toplines.


However, The most visible distinction between these two types of retrievers is their color. English golden retrievers are cream-colored with blonde highlights, and American golden retrievers are stunning golden colors with honey to tan shades.


The size difference between these two is one of their most striking variations. American retrievers typically range in height from 20 to 25 inches with a weight of 60 to 75 pounds. English retrievers, meanwhile, can range in size from 21 to 24 inches.


According to pet studies and research, English cream retrievers are quieter and more peaceful than American retrievers. They quickly become the ideal pals for both humans and their friends. However, because of their higher energy levels, American Kennel Club golden retrievers take longer to become friends.

How long do English golden retrievers live?


The important thing about the discussion is their health. The English golden retriever’s lifespan is longer than that of the American golden retriever. About 60% of American golden retrievers die from cancer, whereas 40% of British retrievers die from cancer.


Choosing between the English vs American golden retriever mix ultimately comes down to lifestyle, price, and personal preferences. Due to their rarity and uniqueness, the price of European golden retrievers is relatively higher than that of American retrievers. They generally range from 1500 to 8000 dollars, while Americans range from 1000 to 6000$.

English vs American Golden Retriever-Choosing the best breed

The key to selecting the ideal English American Golden Retriever mix for your family is to recognize the slight differences between the two breeds and match your tastes and way of life with them. These are the important things to consider:

  • Appearance
  • Activities
  • Temperament
  • Lifestyle
  • Grooming
  • Health

Since every dog is unique, personality differences may occur even within the same breed. Knowing specific dogs from both lines may facilitate matching the proper temperament. Select a trustworthy breeder who has an emphasis on personality, health, and ethical breeding methods.

Choosing the best breed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you want a goofy dog who is always up for games?

Ans: These playful dogs are great for family and kid-friendly activities and adventures. Their endless enthusiasm for adventurous games like frisbee and fetch makes them expert playmates.

Q2. What is the American Golden Retriever?

Ans: The American Golden Retriever is a cheerful, intelligent, medium-sized dog breed that is well-known for its lively attitude and mild temperament. They are well-liked household pets skilled in various disciplines, including agility, obedience, and therapy work.

Q3. What is the English Golden Retriever?

Ans: English Golden Retrievers are stunning canines with light-colored coats ranging from cream to light golden. They are also occasionally referred to as English Cream Golden Retrievers. Although they belong to the larger AKC Golden Retriever breed, they differ from their American counterparts in a few ways.

Q4. What kind of golden retriever should you select?

Ans: No matter which golden retriever you choose, one thing is for sure: you are getting a silly, goofy, and loyal companion who can make you happy at any time. These sunshine pups are always up for games, whether cuddling on the couch or hiking in the woods.

Q5. What is the diet of English vs American golden retrievers?

Ans: English or American golden retrievers require a rich protein diet to fulfill their energy needs. Look for fish,human-grade chicken, lamb, and beef that can be ideal diets for golden retrievers.


English vs American golden retrievers are pleasing goofballs, bringing slobbery kisses to countless families. These furry pups boast identifiable characteristics that might influence your decisions while choosing these retrievers.

However, compared to American retrievers, the English golden retriever’s lifespan is higher. And they are calmer and more peaceful. And they have a lower chance of getting cancer. Further, they are lighter in weight than American ones.

It doesn’t matter which type you choose; you are guaranteed a true-hearted and loyal friendship with them, whether you yearn for a cuddly buddy or sportive playmate; both retrievers radiate sunbeams and embellish their lives with unfluctuating devotion.