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Pets are more than animals to many of us; they are part of the family. Because of this closeness, we usually want to bring them along for every outing, including our shopping trips. However, not all places welcome our four-legged companions, leading to the inevitable question: Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? Pet owners are among the many customers attracted to Hobby Lobby by its extensive selection of Christmas products, home décor, and creative supplies. 

As of 2024, Hobby Lobby’s pet policy has become a topic of interest for those wishing to combine their love for crafts with their affection for their pets. This thorough guide will explain Hobby Lobby’s pet policy in great detail, providing all pet-loving crafters with information and support.

Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby

Crafting enthusiasts and pet owners alike gather as we navigate Hobby Lobby’s pet policy aisles. Whether you’re planning to pick up some yarn for your next project or browse the latest in-home décor, knowing the ins and outs of the pet policy will ensure your shopping trip is enjoyable and in accordance with store regulations.

Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby Stores? Understanding the Pet Policy

As we enter 2024, it’s essential to be informed of the most recent rules of our favorite stores, particularly regarding bringing our animal friends with us. Hobby Lobby, a haven for crafters and decorators, has outlined specific guidelines regarding pets in its stores. The pet policy balances all customers’ shopping experiences, guaranteeing everyone’s comfort and safety.

Understanding the Pet Policy

Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby?

One of pet owners’ most common questions is, “Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?” This question stems from the desire to bring our companions along on our shopping trips. Hobby Lobby has developed a policy that considers the value of pets in its customers’ lives. To find out the specifics of this policy, it’s recommended to contact your local Hobby Lobby store directly, as regulations can vary based on local laws and store discretion.

Does Hobby Lobby Allow Pets?

Beyond just dogs, many pet owners wonder if Hobby Lobby’s doors are open to other types of pets. From cats on leashes to more exotic companions, the inclusivity of Hobby Lobby’s pet policy is a subject of curiosity. Pet owners who see their shopping trips as a chance to spend quality time with their animals of all kinds feel the policy’s scope and limitations to be very important.

Is it Allowed to Bring Dogs to Hobby Lobby?

For those specifically interested in bringing their dogs to Hobby Lobby, there’s a need for clear guidance. Navigating a visit with your dog requires understanding the do’s and don’ts to ensure a smooth experience. We’ll go over everything from planning to in-store etiquette in our detailed guide on how to shop at Hobby Lobby with your dog.

Is it Allowed to Bring Dogs to Hobby Lobby

Is Hobby Lobby Dog-Friendly?

Hobby Lobby tends to be more pet-friendly than some other retail chains, with many locations allowing pets inside. This policy focuses mainly on support animals, which are allowed at every Hobby Lobby location.

The policy for non-service pets is more variable. Some stores may welcome them, while others may not, often due to local health codes, especially in areas where food is sold. The best course of action is to contact your neighborhood business directly to find out their pet policy.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Hobby Lobby

After you’ve made sure your neighborhood Hobby Lobby allows dogs, follow these suggestions to make sure your visit goes well and your dog enjoys himself, too:

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Make sure your dog is always in control and wearing a leash. This protects the comfort of other customers and their own safety.

Mind the Pet Etiquette

Ensure your dog is well-mannered and doesn’t bother other customers. Dogs who exhibit aggressive behavior, bark, or are not house-trained must be kept indoors.

Bring Supplies

Prepare a bag with the necessities, such as waste bags, water, a bowl, and treats so you can clean up after your dog..

Be Considerate of Others

Please consider the comfort and space of other customers since not everyone enjoys being near pets.

Short Visits Are Best

To prevent your dog from being stressed, keep the trips to the Hobby Lobby brief until you know its reaction to the store’s environment.

Plan Your Shopping Trip

Preparing ahead of time will give you and your dog a shorter, more enjoyable visit.

Avoid Busy Times

Try to visit at times that are not busy to help your dog have a less stressful experience and to make it simpler for you to navigate the aisles.

Service Dogs

Your dog is allowed at Hobby Lobby if it is a service dog. To reduce confusion, it’s a good idea to have identification or a vest indicating they are service animals.

Following these suggestions and confirming the pet policy, you and your dog may have a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping trip at your neighborhood Hobby Lobby. Remember that planning and showing concern for others are essential to a successful visit and guaranteeing everyone, including your dog, has a good time.

Why Do Some Stores Not Allow Pets?

Several factors, such as health and safety regulations, consumer comfort, and safety concerns, impact store pet policy. Strict safety rules that apply to stores that handle food usually ban animals (unless they are service animals) to maintain a clean and safe food preparation and consumption environment.

Why Do Some Stores Not Allow Pets

Another major problem is safety. Retailers need to consider that certain clients may be allergic to animals or have other discomforts or anxieties. Moreover, having pets around might raise the possibility of mishaps or damage to goods. However, it’s essential to consider specific store policies regarding pets, such as Menards’ regulations on animals or Hobby Lobby’s stance on allowing dogs.

A service animal: what is it?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a dog with specialized training to carry out tasks or work for a person with a handicap is considered a service animal. The tasks performed by the service animal must be directly connected to the person’s disabilities. To support the people they help, it’s important to remember that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires these animals to have access to all public areas, including retailers.

Is It Possible for My Dog to Shop with Me at Hobby Lobby?

For those wondering, “Can you bring your dog to Hobby Lobby?” the answer is somewhat nuanced. Hobby Lobby does not have a company-wide pet policy that is publicly posted, which means the decision often comes down to the discretion of individual store managers. However, service animals are an exception, as federal law requires their admission in all public areas of the store.

Exception for Service and Guide Dogs

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, Hobby Lobby allows service and guide dogs inside its stores. These animals are trained to help people with disabilities, such as vision impairments, epilepsy, and movement problems, so their owners may explore the business securely and successfully.

Service Dogs

Are There Any Dog Breed Restrictions at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby follows ADA regulations for service and guide dogs, prohibiting breed discrimination. Therefore, as long as the dog is serving a person with a handicap, any breed of dog that meets the requirements for a service animal is allowed inside the business.

Is Hobby Lobby the Only Store That Allows Pets?

Of course not! Pet owners are increasingly bringing their animals along for shopping trips, and while pet policies vary greatly throughout retailers, many are moving toward being pet-friendly. Pet-friendly stores frequently have policies to guarantee customers a secure and welcoming atmosphere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should I do if I want to bring my dog to Hobby Lobby?

Ans: For the best information, contact your nearby Hobby Lobby shop by phone in advance. Policies could change, so it’s important to be sure before you go.

Q2: Are emotional support animals allowed in Hobby Lobby?

Ans: Although they offer essential assistance, emotional support animals may not be allowed in all shop sections and are not considered service animals under the ADA’s criteria.

Q3: Can pets be in a shopping cart?

Ans: Stores have different policies on dogs in shopping carts. If pets have been allowed, it is best to ensure they are contained and unable to harm property or escape.


To wrap up, the question of whether dogs are allowed in the Hobby Lobby. Depends on several factors, such as the kind of dog and the policies of the particular store. While service and guide dogs are welcomed in compliance with federal law, the acceptance of pets for casual visits can vary. Like many other retailers, Hobby Lobby may allow pets at individual store managers’ discretion.

For pet owners eager to shop with their furry friends, it’s advisable to check in advance with the specific Hobby Lobby location. Remember that the purpose is to guarantee that all parties involved—employees, clients, and pets have an enjoyable shopping trip.

In conclusion, being aware of your local Hobby Lobby’s pet policy can make your shopping experience more pleasurable and smooth, whether organizing a craft day or just shopping. Remember to respect the guidelines provided by the store and always to prioritize the comfort and safety of your pet, fellow shoppers, and store employees.