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Before you grab your dog’s leash and walk to the store, there’s one nagging question: are dogs allowed in Lowes? The answer is yes, as Lowes is known for enabling well-mannered pet owners and their well-behaved dogs to accompany them on their shopping trips.

Both service dogs and well-mannered pet dogs are accepted in Lowes US stores according to their pet policy. Moreover, this makes it possible to have joyful walks with your companion at Lowes. Let’s review Lowes’ dog policy in more depth so everyone has a credible time before they leash up and go. 

Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes?

Lowe’s is known for being a pet-friendly store, allowing dogs in all of its U.S. locations. However, in Canada, only service dogs are permitted in Lowe’s stores.

What is Lowes

Lowes Retail Company is one of the most renowned American chain stores for home improvement products. It was founded in 1946 and is based in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. It has since become the second-largest retailer of home improvement products worldwide. It operates several stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico that display construction, repair, maintenance, and remodeling products.

The company sells building materials, tools, home appliances, and gardening goods to prospective customers who are either independent contractors or licensed builders. Over the years, Lowes has soared among the key players in the home improvement industry, next to giants like Home Depot. 

What is Lowes

About Dogs and Lowes

Unquestionably, people have a solid attachment to their furry friends, and occasionally, large department shops like Lowes are weaved into this fabric, often raising the question: Are dogs allowed in Lowes? Take a peek at the special bond that exists between dogs and Lowes:

Well-mannered dogs on leashes are usually welcomed in American Lowes stores, confirming that dogs are indeed allowed in Lowes. This policy accommodates dog owners who value inclusion and consider their pets family members. Dog-friendly policy supporters contend that it makes a place feel more inviting, draws clients, and improves staff morale. Some even sell things connected to dogs or conduct “Paws in the Aisles” promotions, making Lowes one of the go-to pet shops.

Bringing your dog to Lowes

Ready to take your pet along to Lowes? Well-mannered puppies on leashes are welcome at Lowes, adding to the excitement of your homemade or DIY projects.

To securely join you at Lowes, your dog must:

  • Properly trained: Dogs must be appropriately trained to obey your instructions and listen to you; this doesn’t mean they need extensive training, but they should know how to behave politely in public and learn how to stay with you.
  • Know your dog’s nature; avoid appearing unfriendly, frightening, or dangerous. For the safety of both of you, you might want to consider not taking your dog to Lowes if you believe they may get out of control, bother other customers, or fight with other dogs they may encounter. Remember that Lowes can be noisy; your dog should stay home if they can’t handle loud noises like saws.
Bringing your dog to Lowes

Does my pup require training to enter the lowes?

No, professional training is not always required for your dog to visit Lowes, as long as they follow their basic pet policy instructions, such as the need to always be under control. Additionally, your pet should behave well and be well-mannered.

Ensure your dog is adequately trained to manage his toilet, which helps prevent accidents at Lowes. Further, your pet is trained to listen to your commands like sit, stand, and heel.

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Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes? Understanding the Lowes policy

Plan a trip to Lowes with your furry puppy by following the Lowes policy and regulations:

  • Good behavior: This golden rule needs to be followed strictly. Your dog must always be under your supervision and on a leash. Jogging, barking, or pursuing squirrels are strictly prohibited.
  • Stay away from these areas: Some areas, such as tool rentals or specific departments, may not be dog-friendly. Observe any displayed instructions or seek advice from store staff.
  • Regional Modifications: Although dogs are generally permitted, specific retail locations may have extra guidelines or limitations due to provincial laws. It’s advisable to confirm with your neighborhood Lowes before leaving.
Leash policy

Strategies regarding a shopping trip with your pet at lowes

If you plan to go on a shopping trip with your puppy? Their company has a unique touch, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience for both of you.

The following tips are for experiencing an incredible shopping trip with your dog at Lowes:

  1. Timing: Choose less crowded periods, such as weekdays or early mornings, to prevent overstimulating your dog with distortion and gatherings.
  2. Snack bag: Bring some yummy goodies to thank your dog for their excellent behavior and ensure their composure during the journey.
  3. Have a comforter: If your dog needs a break from exploring, bring a cozy dog bed or carrier for them to sleep in.
Have a Dog comforter

Risks to bringing your dogs to Lowes:

While dogs enjoy a lot at Lowes, there are also problems regarding Lowes:

  1. Unfamiliar sights and scents:  Hundreds of people, loud noises, and other dogs can all be overwhelming and unpleasant for certain dogs. Aggression, barking, or nervous behavior can result from this.
  2. Health risks: A few things that can harm dogs at a business are electrical cords, fallen tools, chemical spills, and toxic plants.
  3. Unhygienic conditions: Dogs may be exposed to bacteria and parasites in stores despite their best efforts to maintain cleanliness through spills and mishaps.
  4. Heatstroke: Leaving pets in parked cars, particularly in summer, can be risky.

Not every person likes to spend time with dogs. Some people may have allergies that could cause severe allergic reactions in the presence of dogs. In addition, Some people may have a dog phobia, and seeing an unusual dog while shopping may make them uneasy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Are service pets allowed in the Lowes?

Ans: According to Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations, service dogs are allowed in Lowes alongside their handlers or caretakers, exempt from leash requirements.

Q2.In Canada and the USA, are dogs allowed in Lowes?

Ans: In Canada, only service dogs are allowed in Lowes, while in America, service and pet pups are allowed in Lowes with policy and regulations.

Q3. Is it best to bring your dog on a shopping trip to Lowes?

Ans: Remember your dog’s nature before going on a shopping trip to Lowes. If your pet is not depressed by the crowded place, you must bring it to shopping stores to enjoy the relaxing and pleasant company.


Lowes allows responsible pet owners and their well-behaved leashed pets to go shopping with them thanks to a reasonably pet-friendly policy, answering the question many ask: Are dogs allowed in Lowes? Yes, Lowes offers a fantastic experience for dogs who love exploring new areas and socializing with people under the supervision of their owners.

Remember that not every dog enjoys the commotion and noise of retail establishments. Thus, before you go shopping at Lowes, take your pet’s personality and habits into account. And always abide by Lowes’ rules and policies. Without preparation, you may bring your pet on various adventures, create priceless memories, and get some DIY ideas during your next trip to Lowes, confirming that pets allowed in Lowes enhance the shopping experience.