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Blue point ragdolls are popular breeds due to their captivating appearance and gentle nature. People love these fancy cats due to their beautiful looks. They have blue-gray furry hair on their faces, ears, tails, and paws for an enchanting look. Blue Ragdolls have big blue eyes and possess light bodies. These cats are friendly and calm and are great companions for families. 

If you’re considering getting one of these cuddly cats, you must have various insights and learn about their characteristics. So, let’s start!

Height:9-11 Inches
Weight:8-20 Pounds
Lifespan:12-15 Years
Colors:Bluish-white, grey, platinum
Suitable For:Families, singles, and seniors
Temperament:Gentle, affectionate nature

History and Origin

The Blue Point Ragdoll cat originated in the 1960s in California, USA. A breeder named Ann Baker bred the white domestic cat with a longhaired cat of unknown ancestry, which resulted in a Ragdoll litter. The blue color varies from a soft, silvery-blue to a bluish-gray color on the different parts of the body. 

The breed gained popularity in 1970 when breeders refined the Ragdoll breed. Their main focus was to keep their friendly nature and distinctive color patterns. These cats are recognized worldwide and loved by cat lovers everywhere. 

History and Origin of Blue Point Ragdoll

Points to Consider Before Buying a Ragdoll

Determine to become a good pet parent before bringing a cutie Blue Ragdoll kitten to your home. Watch out for the pathetic breeders and kitten mills who do not bring them up with care and do not even look for their health conditions. These kitten mills have the following signs.

  • They sell expensive kittens for cheap prices.
  • They always have kittens available for sale.
  • They advertise on websites where people sell lots of different things.
  • They don’t give you cat medical records, such as vaccines.
  • They sell kittens before they are 8 weeks old.

It is essential to find a breeder who cares about the kittens and cats and treats them well.

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Little-Known Facts About Blue Point Ragdoll Cats – Physical Traits

Here are five less-known facts about Blue Point Ragdoll cats:

Color Patterns

Blue colorPoint Ragdolls have a slight variation in color pattern. They have blue-gray fur on their faces, ears, paws, and tails, which lightens to a lighter shade of white on the rest of their bodies.

Ragdoll Cat Size

They are one of the most giant domestic cat breeds. Male Ragdolls weigh between 15 and 20 pounds, and females are lighter but look majestic. 

Docile Nature

Blue Point Ragdolls are known for their calm and gentle demeanor. They are also called “floppy” because they cuddle with their owners and are great lap cats. 

Vocal Skills

Blue Point Ragdoll cats are not as talkative as some other breeds. They communicate with soft, melodious voices when they want attention or food.

Slow Maturity

Blue Ragdoll Kittens mature slowly, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, they even take three to four years to develop adult traits and appearance.

Insights of the Blue Point Ragdoll Appearance

The Blue Point Ragdoll cat is elegant-looking, and its unique features give it a beautiful and calm appearance. Every cat lover can fall head over heels at first sight. 

Blue Point Coat Color and Pattern

Their fur is soft, silvery-blue, or bluish-gray in color, which covers most of their body. The soft blue color gives them a peaceful and attractive look. 

Blue Point Face Color and Pattern

Ragdoll Blue Point has a facial pattern that looks like a mask. A darker blue color is spread around their eyes and goes to the nose. Their ears also have this dark blue color, which matches silvery-blue fur.

Blue Point Striking Eyes

Blue Point Ragdoll cats have deep, sapphire blue eyes that complement their fur color. Their eyes give them the most innocent look. 

Blue Point Body, Tail, and Paws

Blue Point Ragdolls have a pattern called “Point” on their body, i.e., certain body parts are darker than the rest. These darker parts are deep, slate-blue, or grayish-blue in color. Their tail is dark with rings near the end, and their paws are also dark, like they’re wearing gloves or boots.

Insights of the Blue Point Ragdoll Appearance

Temperament and Personality of the Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

Blue point ragdolls are friendly and easygoing cats. They are calm and gentle with others. They are inquisitive and brainy. However, they seem to brag about their beauty, praise themselves, and love to be praised. They like to dress up like dolls, and they are super patient. Ragdoll Blue Point kittens also make outstanding bonds with their owners. 

Things to Know When Owning a Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

Here are five essential things to know when owning a Blue Point Ragdoll cat:

Blue Point Ragdoll Nature 

Blue Point Ragdolls are large and gentle cats. They are affectionate and enjoy being around their favorite human. Blue ragdoll cats are indoor cats. Due to their docile nature, they prefer to stay inside. They also do not possess strong hunting skills and choose to live in a calm environment. They feel safe and protected in indoor spaces. 


Ragdoll cats are social creatures who crave companionship and love to interact with their human. They follow their human parents into the house and even greet them at the door. 


Blue point bicolor Ragdolls have specific health considerations because they are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a heart disease condition). Therefore, visit your veterinarian regularly for their well-being and long life span.  


Blue point ragdoll kittens need regular grooming, such as clipping their nails, brushing their fur regularly, and ensuring nothing has gotten stuck in their long fur; teeth brushing is also necessary for their health. However, you can skip their bath often. Ragdoll adult cats have sleek and luxurious fur, so they do not need much maintenance. However, brush their fur regularly to minimize the risk of infections and diseases.

Things to Know When Owning a Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

Do Blue Point Ragdolls Make Good Pets?

The Ragdolls are perfect for families because they are calm, loving, and gentle. They are patient with kids and toddlers. Hence, they would prove to be a great addition to your family. Moreover, blue mitted ragdolls are good with other household pets and also believe in tranquility and love. 

Price and Nutrition and Lifespan

The blue point Ragdoll price varies from $400 to $1500. After buying them, you need to take good care of them, so you should keep in mind that you will have to spend more on their food, nutrition, and maintenance. Low-carb and protein-rich food is beneficial for their health. While the average lifespan of a cat is 12-17 years. 


Bluepoint Ragdolls are generous, affectionate, and loving cats. They are gentle with kids and adults equally. Having a blue point mitted ragdoll would be a great decision. But before buying a Blue Point Ragdoll kitten, search for a well-known, quality breeder with good reviews.