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Dog parents are watchful about the food that goes into the tummies of their fur babies. However, sharing your food with dogs is common and a bond-making activity with your dog, but sometimes you may get stuck with unwanted thoughts like whether all human foods are safe for canines.

You may want to feed your dogs flavorful seafood enriched with essential vitamins, protein, and minerals, but the question is, can dogs eat crabs? This blog covers crabs as dog food and its risks and benefits for your puppies. Let’s go through it before giving your dog a few crab bites.

Can Dogs Eat Crabs Meat?

Certain vitamins including vitamin B12, and elements like zinc and iodine are necessary for the regulation of metabolic and nervous activities. The crabs for dogs are a wise addition to their balanced diet as it is a non-toxic seafood for dogs except for those who have iodine allergies.

Therefore, it is always advised to visit a vet before offering any new food to your dog to ensure its safe consumption. Technically the answer to can dogs have crab meat is yes but practically changes in the pet diet require a careful assessment to avoid any accidents. Ensure the meat is well-cooked and give it only as an occasional treat.

Can Dogs Eat Crabs

Benefits of Crab Meat for Dogs

Your search will not terminate with finding out if can dogs eat crabs. The main thing is the nutritional value of the food that your dog is consuming to give it a healthy life. If anything lacks nutrition, it is just the empty calories and acts as junk for your dog. Here are the benefits of dog crabs, making them a wise addition to your homemade dog food.

  • Crab meat is a rich source of making up the needs of lean proteins that provide the essential amino acids your dog’s body needs for maintaining its functionality. 
  • The only source of Vitamin B12 for healthy blood flow and a normal nervous system is seafood. Crab meat is enriched to keep your dog’s physical and mental health in shape.
  • Certain elements like zinc support the immune system in combating pathogenic attacks and enzymatic reactions in the body.
  • The fatty acids in crab meat strengthen the dogs’ cardiac system and skin health. Give your dog a healthy life and nice shiny fur with crab meat.
Benefits of Crab Meat for Dogs

Risks Associated with Crab Meat

The bad crabs for dogs are mostly uncooked and shelled crabs. Often, we are asked the question can dogs eat crabs shells? The shelled crabs with sharp edges are unsafe and can damage the gastrointestinal tract of canines. The outcomes of it can be deadly so remove the shells before adding crabs to your dog’s plate. Furthermore, in many cases, the crabs are infested with parasites that can grow and damage the dog’s intestine. Offer only well-cooked crabs to your dogs as a safe food.

The high sodium, iodine, and cholesterol content in crab meat can trigger a sensitivity reaction in dogs by causing a severe electrolyte imbalance and difficult digestion, resulting in severe diarrhea and vomiting. So, if crabs are unfamiliar food for your dog, give them in small proportions and in a watchful manner.

The effective way to figure out the resistance of your dog’s body to any food is to observe its poop. Stop feeding your dog crab meats and seek medical assistance if you notice any abnormality or discomfort.

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Can My Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat?

A big no. Where dogs can safely feed on crab meat, various risks are attributed to imitation meat consumption. Many dog parents fall for it due to its striking resemblance with crab meat and consider it just another version of crab with the same nutritious value. However, this is not true.  Imitation crab has nothing to do with the authentic crab meat.

Imitation crab is a mixture of white fish and other seafood with many preservatives. The seafood combination may not be toxic however we cannot say the same for preservatives. In many instances, we have seen pet owners rush to a vet with the case my dog has eaten imitation crab meat. So, even though it looks like crab meat, keep it away from your dog’s plate.  

Can My Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat

Are Crab Cakes Safe for Dogs?

Your dogs are interested in everything you eat, and you feel sorry to say no to those puppy eyes. The same is the case with crab cakes. The market-made crab cakes containing different spices are unsafe for dogs and can lead to adverse reactions. So, consider making such things yourself with dog-safe ingredients for a healthy diet.

How to Feed Crabs to Your Dogs?

Now that your dog can eat crab meat and got the vet’s approval, the next step is to prepare crabs for your dog. Firstly, well cook your crab meat by boiling, steaming, or baking, and remove every tinge of crab shells as even smaller bits can induce internal physical traumas in dogs. 

Make sure that they are completely plain- no seasoning or even butter. Feed only a small quantity and stop immediately if you observe the onset of any gastrointestinal problems.

How to Feed Crabs to Your Dogs

Safe Quantity of Crab Meat for Different Dog Breeds

The high sodium, iodine, and cholesterol in crab meat are the reasons to give this meat in smaller quantities to maintain a balanced nutritional diet for the dog. The average recommendation is 15 grams or a tablespoon per 10 pounds. Here are the different quantities of recommended crab meat for dogs according to weight.

Tiny Dog Breeds

Dogs like Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Pugs weigh only around 2-20 pounds. Only 15 grams is a good dog crab quantity once or twice weekly.

Small Dog Breeds

Beagles, American Shepherds weighing only 21 to 30 pounds, can safely consume 30 to 45 grams of crabs once or twice a day.

Medium Dog Breeds

Basset Hounds, or similar breeds around 31 to 50 pounds, can safely have a quarter cup of crab meat once or twice a week.

Large Dog Breeds

German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are categorized as large dogs weighing between 51 and 90 pounds. They can digest a half cup of crab once or twice a week.

Extra-Large Dog Breeds

If you own an extra-large dog weighing above 91 pounds, you can feed them up to 150 grams of crab meat once or twice a week.

Dog-friendly Food Options

Sharing food with your dogs is the best way of bonding. However, if you cannot feed your dog crabs, here are some other food items to share with your dog and spend quality time with them.

  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Kiwis
  • Spinach
  • Kiwis
  • Carrots

Final Words

In the above sections, you have our expert’s view on can dogs eat crabs. Undoubtedly, crab meat is a nutrient-rich dog food, but it is not safe for everyone. Consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s food and always do it gradually and observe its impact on the dogs for timely pointing out any unwanted situations. You can feed your dog crabs, but well-cooked crab meat without shells is a healthy way to do it.