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If you love dogs, you probably are crazy about Beagles, who are very good-looking, childish dogs. The Beagles are such dogs because of their long ears, soulful eyes, and natural playfulness. For every family, they have to choose companions. Moreover, before you hustle into getting a pet, you should consider it. Why? Beagles are the worst dogs in the world, so I suggest the following reasons.

Dogs may be awesome animals, but they may not be at all if they belong to the Beagle breed. These guys can become the most incredible gift from heaven if you are a dedicated owner, but also a real nightmare, which may cause you a lot of trouble and reduce the pleasure of owning them. Beagles are, without a doubt, high-strung and always looking for trouble. They never stop.

Conversely, our words are the only tool we have, anyway. Not all dogs behave the same, but most beagles are harmful. This article will explain everything about the traits of Beagles, and you can know exactly why Beagles are the worst dog breeds. Brace yourselves and prepare to live through a revealing and shattering journey into the world of Beagles, the worst dogs ever.

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs?

Beagles can be a handful because they’re full of energy, love to chase, and often bark or howl. They’re smart but can be impatient, making training a bit of a patience test. Yet, for those ready to match their lively spirit, they can be wonderful companions.

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs for Home

One reason Beagles are the most horrible dogs in the world is that they put aside everything at home before they even realize it. Beagles will not fit with the kind of pet person who wishes for a sharp, neat, orderly, and harmonious environment.

They can knock over expensive items, spill food, and become noisy when added to your place. Three areas of concern with beagles will be covered: training and obedience, hair loss and allergies, and maintenance and grooming.

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs

Shedding & Allergies

Beagle is one of the worst dog breeds for allergies. Beagle hairs shed a lot. Their double coat sheds all year round, although it sheds more in the spring and fall. It implies that their hair will be all over your clothing, the carpet, the couch, the bed, and even your meals.

You will find it everywhere in your home. People also suffer health problems because of the Beagle hairs, such as allergies and asthma, especially children and elders. If you or your family member is allergic to dog hair and dander, Beagles would be better avoided.


Beagles require much attention and support. They require brushing, bathing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing several times a week. They could be more prone to ear infections, eye disease, obesity, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism problems.

They need regular vet visits and medicine that is sometimes too demanding and costly. Beagles are not low-maintenance dogs, and their demands could outstrip even your budget and to-do list in the long run.

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs for Home

Beagle Annoyance

Apart from the runny nose and continuous barking, there is another reason why Beagles are the worst dogs: they will annoy all your neighbors and friends. Beagles are not recommended for people who prefer peace and respect others’ privacy and boundaries for peacefulness. They generate a lot of trouble and inconveniences for everyone around you, whether inside or outside the house.


Beagles are very loud and vocal dogs, which makes them excellent barkers, but they are not so good for apartment living. They go by a special kind of barking and howling that can be sensed from distances. Beagles will bark and howl on everything that moves or produces a particular sort of reaction such as they will react to other dogs and animals, people, cars, sirens, or even the wind.

A beagle will bark and howl when bored, lonely, or emotionally uneasy. It is disturbing and upsetting, which may inconvenience your neighbors and friends when they want to work, rest, or relax. People might come and even complain to you about noise disturbance.

Prey Drive

Beagles are generally hunting dogs and will start chasing anything they find interesting, like rabbits, cats, rats, and other similar animals. They also like to explore different areas, and they go to different places following their nose, which can be really dangerous as they can get caught by predators, get lost, and even get injured and killed in traffic.

Rolling & Digging

Beagles are really messy and untidy dogs. They like to do unusual things like rolling in the sand and even in the garbage. They are also always looking for food and can eat the dirty things outside the house, which is harmful.

That’s why they will even be harmful to you and your neighbors because of their unhygienic behavior. These are the reasons they are also affected by many diseases that can even spread to you, your neighbors, and your friends.

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Beagle Health & Well-being Harm

Beagles are not healthy dogs from any side, which is the major reason they will be a big problem for you, especially your lifestyle. If you are a person who prefers your health, safety, and privacy, there is no way that the Beagles are suitable for you.


Another reason Beagles are the worst dogs is that they are not really friendly dogs. They need proper training; otherwise, they can be dangerous and bite you. They are very territorial and may be possessive sometimes, meaning they will protect their food, toys, and places from anyone.

They can be really unfriendly with the cats and other dogs and can attack them as well. It is a very bad thing for you as they can attack anyone, and you can find yourself in deep trouble most of the time.

Anxiety & Depression

Beagles can be really irritating dogs. They don’t like to be alone, and because of that, they may suffer depression. Beagles are very beautiful dogs, but they have destructive habits. That includes che­wing, scratching, and tearing up the house and furniture.

They’re also vocal, barking, howling, whining, and showing physical signs such as pacing, panting, and drooling. This emotional stress can cause stress to you, your Beagle, ne­ighbors, and friends. It’s a heartbreaking situation all around!



Beagles are a very popular breed worldwide, and right from the start, this breed has many genetic problems that may lead to various harmful health diseases. The diseases that are most commonly found in this dog breed are hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, cherry eye, glaucoma, deafness, and cancer. The treatment of these diseases may be very costly.

Why beagles are the best dogs?

Many people have a question: Are Beagles good? Well, Beagles are the best dogs when it comes to hunting and being. They are also very active and funny, and their pleading gesture is very cute. They are dog breeds generally for hunting and can be your good partner in the adventures.

Do beagles need a lot of exercise?

Yes, Beagles generally need a lot of exercise. As hunting dogs, they are much more active than other dogs. Because of this, they can easily do two hours of exercise daily, and sometimes, they will even need more exercise.

Beagle Health & Well-being Harm

Pros and Cons of Having the Beagles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Beagles shed?

Ans: Yes, Beagles have double coats and usually shred all the time most importantly in the fall and spring seasons.

Q2.How Long Do Beagles Live?

Ans: Beagles are small hunting dogs and they usually live between 12 to 15 years.

Q3. Are Beagles Hypoallergenic?

Ans: Beagles can be Hypoallergic to many people as their hair sheds all the time, and sensitive people may suffer.

Q4. Are Beagles Good with Cats?

Ans: Beagles are friendly with other pets and generally good with cats.


So many people have concerns about Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs. If you have gone through each of the points mentioned in this article, you will probably know all the characteristics of Beagles and why they are the worst. Now, it is not important that every dog of this breed behave as mentioned above because you can give them proper training to make them a better pet.

It is quite difficult to train them, especially because of their aggressive nature and the health problems they usually get. It is very important that you go to the vet every week so that you can get your dog checked and better understand its health status.

One of the major cons of this breed is that it needs a lot of grooming, such as giving them a daily bath, brushing their teeth, giving them healthy food, cutting their nails properly, regular brushing to remove unnecessary hair, and many more things. They also don’t take care of themselves, and they mostly stay dirty as they often like to play in the sand and explore different areas.