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If you are looking for an ideal feline partner, Golden British Shorthair will prove to be your best furry friend. Did you know they were the sixth most popular breed in the US in 2021?

Having a cat is like having a best friend in your life who gives unconditional love and never leaves your side. Golden British Shorthair are adorable cats with cute faces, big round eyes, chubby cheeks, and soft fur. Their shiny golden fur will melt your heart, and it is like having a little sunshine in your home.

British shorthairs come in different shades, from light to dark golden, but each cat looks different from the other. Some cats might have stripes or spots, while others may be plain. But they look cute in every shade and pattern. 

British Golden cats aren’t just cute; they’re super good for your health, too! They make you feel less stressed and maintain your heart health. Imagine you come home after a busy day, and your cat jumps into your lap and purrs happily while you watch TV or read a book. This feeling of being loved melts away all the worries of the day and makes you feel happy and calm.

Height:12-14 inches
Weight:9-17 pounds
Lifespan:12-15 years
Colors:Silver, chocolate, golden, cinnamon, cream, blue, and lilac
Suitable for:Families and Singles, searching for an active cat.
Temperament:Gentle and Calm, Loyal and Affectionate, Playful, Independent

History of British Shorthair Golden Cats

Golden British cats have been around for ages and are the oldest cats since the 19th century. However, solving the mystery that where they exactly came from is still a question. 

The researchers think that their ancestors might have been Egyptian cats who came to Britain with the Romans as they conquered Europe and became the ancestors of the British Golden cats we know today. While some people think that they’re descendants of those tough British street cats.

Golden British Shorthair

How British Shorthair Cats Gained Popularity?

Thanks to the cat-loving guy named Harrison Weir, who became the superhero of cat shows in 1871 and showed British Shorthair for the very first time, and even won a prize.  

But then, things got a little rough. Breeders started stealing the spotlight of British short hair golden cats. In the early 20th century, clever breeders decided to mix in some Persian cat genes and create long-haired versions of the British Shorthair. Breeders teamed them up with Persian, Russian Blue, and Domestic Shorthair kitties to make their gene pool even stronger.

Nowadays, Golden British Shorthair cats are everywhere. They are a total rock star in the UK, too, regularly stealing hearts as one of the most popular pedigree breeds. A purr-fect comeback story!

How British Shorthair Cats Gained Popularity

4 Facts about Golden British Shorthair Cats

The amazing facts about British Golden Shorthairs are:

Unique Personality: 

British Shorthairs are like no other kittens because of their snuggling nature towards humans. At the same time, they love to be independent so they are also perfect if you have to do your tasks and remain busy. They are super friendly, love chasing toys, and can even learn some tricks if you try to teach them. 

Breeding Superstars: 

Golden British shorthairs are also used to make new breeds. Himalayan cat is a mixed breed of Siamese and Persian cats with added British short hair to create those fluffy beauties with blue eyes.

Adorable Advertisers: 

Golden British cats are total stars in Ads due to their elegant looks and sweet personalities. They’re perfect for promoting high-end products and fancy stuff. Advertisers use their charm to grab people’s attention and make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Who could resist those cute faces, after all?

Ancient Origins and Pop Culture Stars: 

British shorthairs have a long history, starting in ancient Rome, where they were known as Felis cactus. From there, they traveled to Britain and became their favorites. In the 1800s, breeders bred them into a British Shorthair. A British Shorthair named Belle won a big prize for bringing a British shorthair to the first-ever cat show in Britain in 1871.

These cats are famous in movies and TV, and you might have seen them in “Alice in Wonderland” and the show “Friends.” Remember Grumpy Cat in pop culture? She was a Golden British Shorthair, too! Even though she’s no longer with us now, her grumpy face lives on in our hearts.

Insider Secrets about Golden British Shorthair Cat

The eyes and color code secrets of British Golden are:

The Cat’s Eye

Have you noticed the vertical slits inside the British’s pupil? The width of their pupil shows insiders about their pedigree. When you see the pupils of two of these beauties side by side, the one with the narrower slit has usually come from a fancier family line!

The Color Code

These cats are known for their soft and stunning coat. If you see a “shaded” pattern of the British cat it means only a quarter of their outer fur exhibits that golden hue. However, if you see a “ticked” pattern, it represents that their outer hairs will show off alternating bands of color. 

Golden British Shorthairs have dense, plush coats in various shades of gold. These colors range from pale, cream-colored to a deeper and more vibrant golden-shaded orange color. The fur has variations in color shading, with some pets exhibiting darker or lighter tones. These cats also come in other colors, such as golden blue, black, cinnamon, chocolate, golden tabby, and even more.

Color Code of Golden British Shorthair

Do Golden British Shorthair Cats Make Good Pets? 

Absolutely yes! These kitties are super courteous and make amazing companions. They’re curious, sweet, and really laid-back. They are also patient with kids and other pets and love to be around their favorite persons while not being needy for constant attention. They can hang out in the same room, busy in their world and doing their own thing. 

British Shorthair Golden kitten plays with their toys while being independent, which makes them a perfect fit for your busy routine; however, they get anxious and feel lonely if you ignore them, so make sure to give them a lot of cuddles. 

They are low maintenance breed with short hairs, which means they require minimal grooming. 

Bottom Line

Golden British shorthair price ranges from $800–$3,000 with an average life span of 15-20 years. They are friendly, loyal, and compassionate for you and your family. They are little balls of affection and love to cuddle with their humans. They are so awesome that once you get them, you will not ever want to be without having one. So, get yourself a furry Golden British shorthair now to feel loved and valued.

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