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Snow Bengal cats are not for beginners. However, they are one of a kind with a pale and visually appealing fur coat. Their epic energy level and naughty and attention-seeking nature always grab your attention while they are finding entertainment options to satisfy their energetic demands.

As for the appearance of the snow Bengals, many people fall into the trap of their tempting beauty and end up getting them while mistaking their nature, similar to the docile cats. This is not the case with snow Bengal kittens that are high maintenance in terms of their attention demands. So, if you are thinking of getting one, continue reading to learn everything about the personality of Bengal cats. 

Breed Overview of Snow Bengal Cats

A fully-grown and healthy Snow Bengal cat grows to a height of 13 to 16 inches while weighing 10 to 17 pounds. If given appropriate health conditions, snow Bengals will live around for a solid 10 to 16 years. Within this breed, you see different varieties, including Bengal cat snow sepia, snow lynx, and snow mink Bengal cats have variations in their coat’s color and pattern.

Moreover, this breed is specifically for families as these snow Bengal kittens always seek human attention and affection. Their energetic and social temperament is always seeking an engaging activity, so you need to give them plenty of time to let them socialize with their human buddy. 

Height13-26 Inches
Weight8-17 Pounds
Lifespan10-16 Years
ColorsSeal Lynx Point, Seal Mink, Seal Sepia
Suitable for:Families
TemperamentEnergetic, Affectionate, Intelligent

History and origin of Snow Bengals

It may be a fun fact for you to know that snow Bengal cats are hybrid. This breed is a relatively new addition to the domestic felines. Its origin is rooted in the United States of America, where, in 1963, a breeder bred an Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat. However, the first three generations of this selective breeding (F1, F2, F3) are only breeders, while F4 and later generations account for the purebred pet Bengals. 

History and origin of Snow Bengals

Characteristics of Bengal Snows

Despite having amazing phenotypic characteristics that cause an increase in their demand, many Snow Bengal cats end up being abandoned by their owners as they are unable to quench their energy demands and can not spend as much time with them as they need. They are amiable and social enough to lend in your family conditions but the children around them must be well-behaved. You can train your Bengal Snow as easily as other intelligent domestic cats. 

Varieties in Snow Bengal Cat Breed

You may have seen Bengal cat snow in three different color patterns, as there are three varieties in this breed. The first variety is snow Bengal mink kittens have a visible pattern on their fur when born. Their eyes are aqua-colored. In the adult stage, Bengal minks have a light to medium tan colored pattern on their fur with a background in cream to pale color.

The second variety is the snow sepia Bengal. It is difficult to differentiate from Bengal mink kittens at a young age due to their striking resemblance except for the eye color. The snow Bengal cat sepia variety has green to golden eyes. In adulthood, their fur color pattern turns out to be similar to the brown Bengals but a bit lighter in shade.

Then, there comes the third variety, snow Lynx Bengals have the lightest shades in their fur. Mostly, they are completely white kittens and change their fur color gradually.  The blue-eyed snow lynx cats have pale to medium-colored rosette patterns on their fur at the adult stage with a white to cream-colored background. However, the fur is darker at the points (head, feet, and tails) in the cool climate. 

Snow Bengal Kittens

Snow Bengal kittens are extremely adorable, and you cannot resist getting them. However, before going for one, you need to ensure that you will be able to make up their energy demands as they grow up into full-size snow Bengal cats. Undoubtedly, snow Bengals are high-maintenance, and you have to provide them with a suitable environment.

One thing you must know is that snow cat Bengal is not one of those stay-at-home-alone cats. They not only enjoy their human buddy’s company, but they demand it and will create havoc at home if you leave them alone. As they are hyper-energetic, you have to be ready to accompany them all the time.

Moreover, the snow Bengals sometimes suffer from certain health conditions that need a regular veterinarian. So, you must be able to accommodate them in your budget rather than abandoning them at their worst as many people do with these cute fur babies. 

Snow Bengal Kittens

Price of snow Bengal kittens

Snow Bengal cats are more expensive than other domestic cats. Different breeders perform different tests on the parent cat before breeding and then on the Snow Bengal kittens to ensure that they are free from any disease having the potential for vertical transmission. The high-reputed breeder usually has set a high price due to the quality of the purebred kittens they are selling. Usually, Snow Bengal kitten prices range from 1500 to 5000 dollars, so your estimate must be between this range for getting a new kitten.

Furthermore, we suggest you visit the cat shelters where you can find many snow Bengal cats looking for new families after being abandoned by the previous ones as they were not able to meet their demands. On one side where, the beauty in their color is enchanting, and people want to feel proud of owning such a breed, while on the other side, there is a tragic end to their companionship. Hence, before getting your kitten, go for thorough research and ensure that you are ready to get your snow Bengal kitten. 

Temperament and Intelligence of Snow Bengal Kitten

Snowy Bengals are intelligent cat breeds with hyper-energetic and attention-seeking characteristics that you cannot ignore even if you try to. You will always see them climbing various heights in the home to explore whatever corner they can. 

However, they are not lap cats but enjoy playing with their human partner on the floor. The most astonishing feature of snow Bengal cats is that they respond to you by uttering some distinctive noises. They can even emit some annoying noises if anything causes them to lose their cool Bengal cats’ temperament, like teasing by an unruly child.  

Are these cats good for families?

Yes! The Snow Bengals are amazing, family-friendly pets as there is someone with them every time to give them their desired attention and keep them entertained during the whole day. The Snow Bengal Cats are kids-friendly, too, unless they try to mess with them instead of spending a polite time. Once kids learn how to play with their mink snow bengal, they are going to have an amazing playing partner for more than a decade.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

The answer to this question depends on the age of your Snow Bengal cat. At a younger age, they can be easily co-brought up along with other cats or pets, or you can slowly introduce them to your new pet to familiarize them with each other. However, at a mature age, Bengals snows are extremely territorial and never pleased by the new pets in the home. 

Moreover, it also depends on the pet you are getting. The bold nature of the snow cats breed enables them to go well with pets like cats and dogs. However, they love to go on the prey drive against small rodents like rabbits, etc and fish. So, if you have any of them at your home, either you are going to let them go for the sake of a Snow Bengal cat or ensure their safety all the time. 

Things to know when owning a snow Bengal cat

Getting a Snow Bengal Cat is a big decision in your life. Here are the things that you must know about them before signing your commitments so you can make a perfect home for them.

Food and diet requirements

As these cats are always busy doing something, it is necessary to provide them with high-quality AAFCO-approved food that helps them to grow and develop healthily. Visit your vet to consult about a balanced diet for your Snow Bengal Cats.

Exercise and Training

Both of these are crucial to keep your snow Bengals healthy both physically and mentally. Plan certain activities like puzzles, hide and seek, or fetching games to keep them stimulated throughout the day so their skills can develop easily.


Grooming Snow Bengal Cats is easier as their short and dense fur only requires weekly brushing to maintain its texture. If you have a spot for them to enjoy playing in the water, there will be no need for you to bathe them. However, their dental hygiene is crucial, so you need to brush their teeth daily.

Health and conditions

The Bengal cats are prone to health conditions like patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and some vertically transmitted diseases. Check with your breeder to get the results of various tests that show that the parent cats were free of genetic diseases when bred. Moreover, regular vet visits are crucial to spot the disease at the initial stage.

Health and conditions of snow bengal cat

3 Little Known Facts About Snow Bengal Cats

  1. The Snow Bengal Cat breed has three different varieties regarding their fur color, pattern, and eye color which adds to their prestige and compels cat enthusiasts to get one.
  2. Bengal snow cats love playing with water, unlike other cat breeds. So, you will see them getting into your bathtub or sticking out their paws under running water as an amusing activity.
  3. This breed is a hybrid created by breeding an Asian leopard cat with other domestic cats.

Final Words

Snow Bengal Cats are remarkable, family-friendly pets that cast an enchanting spell on their human buddies with their eye-catching Bengal cat characteristics, including their physical features and social temperament.

Their curious nature keeps everything under their radar of exploration, so you have to be ready for it when signing up for a snowy Bengal. If your home turns out to be a place where these beautiful Bengal cats can thrive, get ready to have unlimited fun with these adorable fur babies.

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